Notebook RAGE

So last night I got really mad and threw my notebook off the desk onto the ground…  It felt good at the time to teach that notebook a lesson.   But when I turned it on it had this weird code & said something about “memory dump”.  Whoops.  Then when turning it on, it turned ON (green light) but there was no image on the screen.   I googled it ASAP & there was some crap on there about pushing F8.  That did nothing.

angryI then instant messengered Jason the Computer Whisperer . Jason & I go way back you see.

I was then advised by the computer whisperer, to remove the memory chip & then just put it back in.  Opening up the machine the memory chip looked like it had not been moved but I took it out and put it back in.   MIRACLE.  The machine started and I saw my yellow tulip again! Joy!  But then the yellow tulip stayed on a LOT longer then before the notebook toss.   Programs were not coming on.. no start button…. panic was arising yet again.  But then it came on!!  Excellent!  Hail the Computer Whisperer..

Most of you probably already know about this trick..  had I had thrown it a little harder I could have shot the motherboard.. but alas it was only a girls throw so everything turned out ok.

Lesson learned.

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