I spied AND now bought a Snuggie

Sorry this has nothing to do with technology.  But I was at my friends house last night & I saw this under her table.  I took a picture with my cell phone (below) that is why it is a little fuzzy.  Really? People buy this..?  I did not confront her on the issue but I may have to sooner or later.. especially if I come over again & she is wearing it. 

Well small update here.. I just got done PURCHASING a Snuggie.  I decided to make it a Friday Challenge reward.. So great huh?!??  BTW the “Free 2nd Snuggie” is not really free.  Yes yes very hard to believe.. I ending up buying it on amazon.com.  It was about $10 less expensive with shipping.  I bought the baby blue one for the lucky customer.   

I was thinking about buying a bulk qty of the Snuggies & putting the RedLegg logo on them & giving them to all of our top/favorite customers.  Good idea?  Hmm maybe or maybe not.


One comment on “I spied AND now bought a Snuggie

  1. coffee says:

    instead of a “Snuggie” i prefer to call mine a “Power Blankie”

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