RedLegg on Twitter – Review of Twitter Tatter

Yes I broke down & signed up for a Twitter account.  Actually it is the 3rd account I set up with Twitter.   I signed up a few months ago but I could not remember my user id & neither could twitter but they did know that it was registered to my email address.. so I could not rename myself.  I think it is a good trick for Twitter.  It makes them look like they get 3294284032843208 new users a day/week etc. 

It was pretty easy to set up & find the people things I wanted to follow.. I covered all of the basics such as Ryan Seacrest of American Idol, Lance Armstrong for motivation & a bunch of technology ones that I will probably end up choosing less down the line if I am spammed to much with junk.  But overall I like the idea of getting the little tweets on my phone rather then reading the longer blog and web articles.. But we will see.  If the messages are too insane I will have to stop immediately.

But so far I like it.

Don’t be offended by my Red LEG picture as a profile picture.  Even though Redlegg does not mean girl with red leg, the red walking legs with the crazy converse shoes made me happy.

…. Ok so flash forward about 24 hours.  Is that REALLY Lance Armstrong that is on there?  REALLY? And do I really care about all of the shout outs he is making to this people..? actually no.   the “Ryan Seacrest” I think is funny.  Not sure if it is really him either.. there is a picture of him but of course it could be anybody.  But at least that one is entertaining .. he was watching 60 minutes last night & was saying that he loved how Andy Rooney always got so bitchy at the end & that was his favorite part.

The technology ones that I signed up for SUCK.  Just links to Digg.. and they are pretty stupid articles… AND there is one every 5 minutes.. I had them going to my phone but I was getting WAY too many messages so I turned that off & now only  Ryan (or the fake Ryan) is coming into my phone.   I like new technology news so I will keep searching for a good crazy to follow on there & the jury is still out about Twitter Tatter.

Laura out

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