So are you worried about the Swinner?

hmmm very mixed emotions of the “Swine”.  Yes I do think a lot of it is media hype, but there are also a lot of people truly getting sick.  Which happened with the bird flu and the Spanish Flu in the past.

Of course there is now a Swine Flu Email Scam going around where you open the email and enter detailed information about yourself and of course it is only to help prevent the swine virus.. and then of course your computer is hacked, the hacker has all of your information etc.  You think you would never fall for things such as this, but with the panic of the “swine” people panic, start entering information and there you go.

I don’t know.  Maybe it is good that things like this come out once in a while.  Shouldn’t we ALWAYS wash our hands before eating, ALWAYS cover our mouth when coughing, ALWAYS stay home from school when sick?  ALWAYS clean off those nasty keyboards and touch screen handhelds.  Heck ya..  But now people are really doing it in fear of Swine.

Then AGAIN.. remember the Spanish Flu… millions died from that ya all.. Millions.  hmmmmm.   Yesterday when I woke up there was the report of the one child that died in Texas & before I went to bed there was a report that 20 schools were closed in Chicago due to potential outbreaks.   I think I will keep Kameron home from school today & see if there is a vaccine out or if it gets better or worse before sending him to school tomorrow…?  Maybe I am just a paranoid Patty..?  Or maybe not..

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