Finally getting the gadgets

So I have loaded up the past few weeks.. perhaps a little has to do with being in the spirit of the “holiday” but I am going gadget nuts.  Have the wii for the kids.  Which I love.   Tennis is my favorite and I love how you have a ranking and can get better and better and you try to be a professional. And the mee and how you can play online with friends is even more super duper cool. 

Then I accidently flipped on the flip.  Ha ha ha.. But I have it now and it is great too.  The buttons are a little sticky and weird but I cannot complain a less then $200 hand held camera that I can easily plug into my computer to send movie clips to my family and upload here.  I am sure you cannot wait.  Wait, maybe the next blog post I do will be a flip video.  Arent you excited?  Yeah I think that is what I am going to do.

And right now as I am typing (another browser is open) and I am plan on getting the Sony Reader Pocket Edition (pink of course) for reading.  I have a gift certificate @ Borders so might as well put it to some good use huh?  Very exciting huh?  I thought I would never like an e-reader cause I love books and I am on the computer all damn day..  BUT having all of those books and not having to carry a bunch around. Holla… sounds very, very cool.

Just call me go go gadget gail for now nelly.   Laura over and out.

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