Blog Smog

So this morning… .like most mornings when I log onto the blogger I check to see what the top searches for people who stumble upon the silly redlegg blog.   And these are the top searches..

giraffe, facebook, dancing with the stars 2009, frozone, characteristics of continuous replication

should I be disappointed that no one cares about my technology findings that I think are really cool?  That giraffe picture is the number one thing people search for? Ha!  hmmm Double Ha! No hurt feelings.  Just thought I would share.   Makes me wonder (again) like many other people probably wonder.  What is the point of these silly little blogs?   Most of the information I am posting is either 1) thoughts I have on the industry and technology 2) interesting articles I find and what to have for later to easily search for.    The problem with number 1 is that, that is what other “blogger people” do too and these opinions are then posted to the web and it seems like a fact cause you can find it in Google.  Of course it is not a fact cause you find it on the Internet..  however it is someone’s truth and by reading it I am waisting my time and possibly going the wrong direction again waisting time.     I hope that I am not doing that with the RedLegg blogger.  I will try to be more conscious of that.

Oh a happy note.  I am adopting a kitty cat today for Cole.  He loves cats and I feel like I need to save something for some reason.   And a cat will do.

This is not the cat but this picture of a cat makes me laugh and I’m trying to get giraffe off the number one spot.. otherwise people may start to associate redlegg’s with giraffes.   Just kidding I think.

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