Out of the Mouths of Babes

Every morning the first thing I do after the sleep had been cleared from my eyes is grab my Ipad and check my work emails.  In our fast paced world so much can happen in the blink of a night’s sleep.  I have a 5yr old little girl (we call her The Goose) who somehow manages to sneak into our bed around 4AM every morning (it’s the time of night I look the most forward to) so she always next to me looking over my shoulder, trying to read the emails along with me.

This morning she said, “Mommy, did you always do this for work?”

Me:  “What do you mean?”

Goose: “Read emails, work on the computer…you know that stuff?  Or when you were little like me did you want to do something else?  Like be a veterinarian, a dog groomer?  Something fun?”

I started to explain to her what I “originally” wanted to do, what my college major was, how I started in that field, all the good stuff.  But I stopped there because I couldn’t admit to her that I gave all that up in pursuit of the might green paper.  How do you explain to a 5yr old who thinks being a dog groomer would be the BEST job ever (and it is, how much fun would going to work be?) that you put your passion on  a shelf so you could make more money?  I didn’t want to disappoint her.  So I told her dog groomers didn’t exist when mommy five or else for sure I would have become a dog groomer.

But it left me with the nagging thought of what the pressures of our world will do to her dreams and in 30 years will she set her alarm to wake her every 2 hours to check the built in communication device in her wrist (right?  It will get to this won’t it?) to make sure she hasn’t missed a beat?  Or will she get a great night’s sleep, wake up, put on her work clothes and start shampooing dogs with a smile on her face and a bigger smile in her heart?

-Sally Jessica Parker

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